BeamWriter is our flagship service and designed to help Event teams and Presenters  upgrade their real-time engagement with audiences. Hold live votes, get questions and share information while keeping track of the Agenda and counting down sessions – BeamWriter lets you do all this and more from your iPhone or iPad.

Browser Screen Shot of a BeamWriter voting service
View the votes come in live on the big screen. Little creates more engagement than watching your vote impact the result.

You need an iOS device to create and beam services. They need an IOS or Android device with BeamWriter installed – for maximum convenience –  though all services are accessible in a browser. By putting a physical beacon in a room you can advertise (‘Beam’) services through it and have your audience detect them using the app.



(Download the   BeamWriter Quick Start Guide (279 downloads) )

BeamWriter lets you conduct live Voting, expose web-sites, collect email addresses, do Q&A sessions, track the agenda or have a running, moderated dialogue going where participants can follow on their phones and you can project everything on the big screen.   You can beam multiple services at the same time and use external beacons to free-up your iPhone or iPad while still allow easy discoverability for your audience.

BeamWriter works by ‘beaming’ a service using Bluetooth Low Energy on your iPhone, iPad or an external Beacon. Participants with the app installed will automatically pick up the signal and can access the services you beam. You do not need to pre-distribute a link, nor do you need to know the emails or phone numbers of the people in the room. Any number of services can be beamed at the same time. You can for instance keep a link up to your website and make material available in a ‘Get Email with material’ service at the same time you are collecting feedback or asking for questions to the session.

If some or all of your audience is remote or there are participants who haven’t got a device that can run BeamWriter, you can allow access using an ‘Event code’.

Your audience can then access the services you beam by inputting the code in the app or at

Download the BeamWriter Quick Start Guide (279 downloads) to get started!

Get the app for your iPhone/iPad or Android: