Why we built BeamWriter

I give a lot of presentations. Before BeamWriter, involving the audience in impromptu polls, sharing additional information or getting questions from people online – or without having to pass a microphone around – could be anything from a hassle, to expensive to not possible.

BeamWriter was built to address this – make it super easy to involve the audience when giving a presentation or exhibiting at a trade show.

BeamWriter in action at the Telenor Top Management gathering in 2016. Questions from the audience are projected on the screen on the left.

Once installed on your iPhone or iPad, creating an account and starting beaming takes a few minutes at most.

BeamWriter screen with list of Beams
Your ‘Beams’. Icons allow you to project on a big screen, edit, clear, delete or delegate Beams. By tapping a beam or a Folder such as ‘Deep Learning’, the service is broadcast and visible to your audience.

Your audience don’t have to log in – they pick up your Beam automatically when the app is running.

BeamWriter picked up a Poll service
Telenor Research are beaming a vote (poll) service which has been picked up by our phone.

I now find that enriching my presentations and engaging my audience is easy enough that I don’t need an event team to support. I don’t need a bespoke polling solution or text-messaging solution for questions, and sharing a link to a copy of my presentation or collecting the email addresses of the audience, is feasible even when alone at a trade show.

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