BeamWriter 4.0 – Lots of cool new stuff!

Rooms, Beacons and tailored advertising – version 4.0 makes BeamWriter more versatile than ever.35InchStartPageWithServices

Put a physical beacon in a lecture hall, meeting room or on your stand and let it beam your web site or engage your audience.beacon

Use your iPhone or iPad to set up and manage your Rooms and  Beams – and do your beaming.

AdvertisingTailor your Advertising Profile. Advertise your beams in a room you own or have access to, use your iPhone or iPad as a virtual beacon or use web-codes. Web codes allow your remote audience or listeners without iPhones, iPads or Androids to access your services by entering the code at

A key change is that beams now live for a predefined time and remain available even if you stop beaming from your phone. Unless you want to use it as a virtual beacon, you no longer need to tie up your phone beaming, but can use it for other stuff!

Watch this space over the coming days as we take you through the new features of BeamWriter 4.0.