BeamWriter with new ‘Ask Beam’ and improved Web access

Screenshots of the Ask service in action
Left: The Beamer is beaming an Ask service. The questions come in from the audience to the ‘Unanswered’ list . By tapping a question in any of the lists, it is blown up as depicted on the right, for easy reading and sorting.

With ‘hot off the press’ version 2.2, BeamWriter adds a question-answer service to its suite of engagement tools.

‘Ask’ lets you receive questions from the audience and manage these in an easy-to-use interface. Tap a question for easy reading and sorting.

As for other services, you can let the audience access ‘Ask’ by enabling a Web Code. A ‘Beamee’ who is unable to pick up the beam – because he is in a remote location or because his device doesn’t support Bluetooth Low Energy – can input the Code at to access the service.

Left: The Beamee enters a web code at and is redirected to the service as depicted on the right.